CSC4341 Principles of Database Systems

Date Topics Assignments Notes
8-18 (Thursday) Introduction and class administratives. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Syllabus
Instructions to logging in MySQL database
Student Project Website
Connect to Web Server through Notepad++
1-25 Chapter 1 Overview Homework 1. Due: 2 /1 Ch1 Slides and Ch2 Slides
1-30 Set up a website In class exercise Instructions to set up a website
2-1 Chapters 3 Relational Model Project Team Info Ch3 Slides
2-6 Set up the SPJ Database Homework 2. Due: 2/13
Set up your person webpage at the CS server.
Study the materials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery at \\copernicus\Public\csc4341\html_javascript_reference
2-8 Lab 1: Web Form and Database Connection Lab 1 Due: 2-20 (Tuesday) by midnight
2-15 MySQL Database and Basic SQL (Chapter 4) SQL Basics
Term Project Topics Due: 2/20 (Midnight to Blackboard)
2-20 Lab 2: Save Web Form Data into Database Lab 2. Due: 2-27 (Tuesday) by midnight
2-22 Project UI Design Term Project UI Design Due: 3/1 (Upload to team leader's web site)
2-22 Database Design DB Design Homework Part I. Due: 3-1 Shorter version of the handouts
Handouts at \\copernicus\public\csc4341\lectureNotes\ER_Handouts.pdf
3-20 Database Design DB Design Homework Part II. Due: 3-27 (Tuesday)
3-20 Lab 3: Read Json Data from File Lab 3. Due: 3-27 (Tuesday)
3-20 Project Database Design Term Project Database Design (E/R Diagram). Due: Need to discuss your design with the instructor before Easter Holiday.
3-27 Chapters 5, 6, and 7 Homework. Due: April 5 (Thursday) Ch5-6 Slides
Ch7 Slides
3-27 Lab 4: Read and Save Data with Ajax Lab 4. Due: April 5 (Thursday)
4-3 Chapters 7 SQL Homework. Due: April 10
Homework. Due: April 17
SQL Slides
MySQL Built-in Functions
4-3 Lab 5: Log in with database Lab 5. Due: April 10
4-3 Lab 6: Authentication with LDAP Lab 6. Due: April 12
4-17 Database Integrity Database Integrity Homework. Due: 4/26
Database Integrity Tips
4-26 Functional Dependence and Normalization Homework Due: 5/8 (Tuesday)
Slides: Functional dependence and