Lab 6

Lab Exercise: Design a User Login Page Using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Objective: Be familiar with user authentication with LDAP

  1. Create a subfolder named as lab6 in your web folder (~/public_html/csc4341). After that, copy the sample files from the shared folder located at the CSC server:
    cp /shared/csc4341/lab6/* ~/public_html/csc4341/lab6
  2. The starting page in your lab6 folder would be login.html.
  3. To authenticate a user, your application sends username and password the ldap server using secure communication. If the user login is verified, the ldap sends a confirmation back to the application.
  4. Once a user is authenticated, the log page creates a PHP session and redirects to member protected pages.
  5. Study the sample programs to understand authentication process. Feel free to modify the styles and heading of the web table.
  6. Post your work on your web site.